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Recognize 04:31
So long, I would always sing this alone So long, I waited for Waited for Something to carry me on Dealt with doubt for long enough Come on baby and walk to me, come sing a while I can walk again and I’m slowly learning how to run When I heard you calling there was something bound to be Fear is there but I won’t give up I’m gonna put this into words And you open up in me some kind of hope Said if you hear a sound from the other side this wall can’t keep us apart Don’t fear the sound, I’m singing till if falls down Come on fall down, fall down Come on break it, come break it down with every word you say And break away, come on forward Break it, break it, break it, break it down and come, to me And here, and I watch it crumble Come forth, you are almost here And in case I fall Here on out I promise to sing here I will sing until it comes down And if you hear my voice I’m singing for us To break it all down No near, no far No borders between us I break it all down
Interlude 03:14
And we were tired of them And we decided it was enough And we started to whisper And that became a scream And it broke the artificial stones that have hidden inside of us And we bled like we were giving birth to kidney stones But we were there For each other And we knew, we knew, we knew the old legend We got what it was needed And they didn’t And they didn’t And we were hurt And we were wounded And we were confused But we are not anymore We have found the code We know And they are simply collapsing The roots of our trees have grown to take down the structures of their fortress Of their jails Of their walls Of their force And the Earth has broken to swallow them And the Earth has awoken And this is the apocalypse But we are safe
I want to face deception I can hold your left hand too I still need you Even like this I want to face deception I can hold your left hand too What is happening to us? You’re braver than you thought You’re generous to me It’s simply broken That I’ve noticed, but was scared Of it splattering it’s venom on us A little bit of pain seems to be needed to grow I still need you And now, what is ahead I don’t know but I’d love to figure it out Did we learn something? Not to repeat this pattern I bloody hope so, remind me if we do? I’ll remind you A mark on my left arm should help too
Music by Santiago Latorre Lyrics based on a poem by Alejandro Simón Partal Performed by Santiago Latorre, Colin Self and Los arrosecs de la vath d'Aussau Strings by Muro Qvartet String arrangement and mix by Santiago Latorre Mastered by Rashad Becker Produced in residency at LIA Sound Lab, Etopia Center for Art and Technology in Zaragoza, Spain Foehn Records 2022
Compersion 04:34


La arquitectura de la amistad es un proyecto colectivo inspirado en la noción de ecosistema y el valor de la interdependencia, conducido por el compositor aragonés Santiago Latorre. El grupo toma su nombre de las palabras de Hannah Arendt, quien tras ser acusada de falta de amor por los judíos, respondió:

“Tienes razón.
No amo a ningún pueblo
- ni a los franceses, ni a los norteamericanos, ni a los judíos, ni a los negros.
Solo amo a mis amigos”

Conectando el interés compartido por el grupo en la construcción de ecologías creativas, la composición musical no jerárquica y la colectividad, este disco surge de una práctica necesaria de descanso, curación y cuidado. La secuencia de canciones se ofrece como bisagras para activar y ejercitar la empatía, las conexiones sensibles, para despertar la esperanza y recargar el entusiasmo, quizás incluso para fomentar el cuidado entre lo familiar y lo extraño.


The Architecture of Friendship is a collective project inspired by the notion of ecosystem and the value of interdependence led by Spanish composer Santiago Latorre. The group takes its name from the words of Hannah Arendt, who after being accused of lack of love for the Jews, responded:

"You are quite right.
I don't love any people.
neither the French, nor the North American, nor the Jewish, nor the Blacks.
I love only my friends."

Connecting the interest shared by the group in the construction of creative ecologies, non-hierarchical music composition, and collectivity, this album arose from a necessary practice of rest, healing, and care. The sequence of songs is offered as hinges to activate and exercise empathy, sensitive connections, to awaken hope and recharge enthusiasm, perhaps even to encourage care between the familiar and strange.


released April 29, 2022

Compuesto por Santiago Latorre, Colin Self, Atabey Mamasita y Nieves Arilla
Producido por Santiago Latorre y Colin Self
Voces - Santiago Latorre, Colin Self, Atabey Mamasita, Nieves Arilla y Los arrosecs de la vath d'Aussau
Guitarra - Víctor Herrero
Cuerdas - Muro Qvartet
Saxofón - Santiago Latorre
Una buena hora está basada en un poema de Alejandro Simón Partal
Mezclado por Ville Haimala y Santiago Latorre
Masterizado por Rashad Becker
Foto de portada - Camille Blake
Desarrollado en residencia en el LIA Sonido - Centro de Arte y Tecnología Etopia en Zaragoza.

Foehn Records 2022


Composed by Santiago Latorre, Colin Self, Atabey Mamasita, and Nieves Arilla
Produced by Santiago Latorre and Colin Self
Vocals - Santiago Latorre, Colin Self, Atabey Mamasita, Nieves Arilla and Los arrosecs de la vath d'Aussau
Guitar - Víctor Herrero
Strings - Muro Qvartet
Saxophone - Santiago Latorre
'Una buena hora' is based on a poem by Alejandro Simón Partal
Mixed by Ville Haimala and Santiago Latorre
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Cover photo by Camille Blake
Developed in residency at LIA Sound Lab, Etopia Center for Art and Technology in Zaragoza, Spain.

Foehn Records 2022


all rights reserved



Santiago Latorre Barcelona, Spain

Santiago Latorre is an artist and engineer interested in how the organic and the living participate, and can affect all phases of a sound object, from the moment of conception to perception. He explores cycles, forces and physical events that impact the way we perceive and feel. ... more

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